onsdag 5. august 2015


T R A V E L  V I D E O

A short travel video I made from my two week long trip to Portugal.
The music is the portuguese music style fado performed by
Amália Rodrigues. The places displayed in the video are

cascais lisbon obidos sintra

I tried to capture a small piece of Portugal's
soul for those who haven't been there before, so they might get a
little glimpse of what the feeling of the culture and country is like.

tirsdag 4. august 2015


This was a tiny text I wrote a while ago. 
But the words has always somehow been in
the back of my head. I like the simplicity
of it, yet it can still be quite profound.

One of the birds couldn't fly.
The other birds helped him
but never wondered why

For me it's based on the thought of a lot
of young people, that despite having their
family/friends around, feels alienated in the bigger 
picture. The people who are supposed to be dear 
to them, doesn't really know them. The sad part is that 
they think they understand the individual, but the truth 
is they are not even curious what's on the mind of their
loved one. Especially parents fail to know their
children's true person.  The most fundamental aspects of 
a good relationship is lost and they don't even see it.
Such ignorance they can be so unaware of. 
And the youth is left with a sense of loneliness, 
even though their closest ones are right there.

All pictures taken by Isabel H.R

tirsdag 14. juli 2015


K A R I N        B J A R N E

This little piece is for my grandparents,
Karin and Bjarne.

They got married in 1949
I remember the story of the two of them
being recently an official couple and my
grandfather studied abroad in Newcastle and
my grandmother received numerous letters in
the mail from my grandfather, and at one
point the mail man said:

"I think he must be in love!"

to my grandmother. It's a little bit clichè,
but it's something so sweet about it.
She always tells the story with such 
enthusiasm and a little touch of humour 
even though she's 88. She's my proof that 
age is just a number, age might give you a few
practical restrictions, but if you're young
at heart, no one can say anything against
that your philosophy of life is wrong.

I just saw a documentary about the pianist
Alice Herz Sommer, a 109 year old woman
who was the oldest pianist and holocaust 
survivor until her death in early 2014.
In the midst of the german invasion in
Prague, she was asked to play, and she
played concerts which seemed to take
everyone even the german officers away
from the harsh reality. There were even
guards listening from the outside through
the window. It is a beautiful reminder
of what music can do and how 
significant it really is.

But the point of mentioning Alice is her 
appreciation, spark and outlook on life. 
Through music which she says brings 
her to another world, she has learned 
to see the beauty about life. 

People always see disadvantages about
getting old, but I believe that as long as
your mind is intact and clear, you have the
time of your life to immerse yourself
with the things you love, and just stay in
it, be it, create your own sense of reality in it.
And you can't be selfish about it, cause
you're old. 

But she mentioned that you have to get this 
old to realize life's beauty. It's a interesting 
statement, but I think that depends 
more on the individual. I suppose I would 
have to get old first to answer that, as I'm 
looking at my life in retrospective.

I myself have not experienced that kind 
of love my grandparents have yet, but 
if I do I would be forever grateful.
I do believe there's something special,
something more to love, like it surpasses
reality, I think the bonds we create
is not for granted even though in the end
we die alone, and we are sepparated. 
I think love goes beyond the dimensions of 
reality, and it's something worth living for
I believe. Just like the music,
the passion, for Alice Sommer, it's her
own sense of something otherworldly, 
something holy.

All pictures taken by Isabel H.R

lørdag 11. juli 2015


cascais ⎮ lisbon ⎮ obidos ⎮sintra

Here's some of the small things I've gathered on my two week long trip to Portugal.
A handmade flower band which I got in a small village called Obidos,
a small tile inspired by Portugal's many tile artworks, a note book I got in a
huge bookstore called Ler Devagar in Lisbon, two post cards depicting
Portugal's historical Fado, a music genre which is still kept traditionally as it
is a part of the heart and soul of the Portuguese culture. I've also got an
african shell, another handmade flower band, a doll being a
traditional portuguese farmer girl and a porcelain bird.

All pictures taken by Isabel H.R

fredag 30. januar 2015


Hungarian model, Merse Molnar. 


I've never really had the guts to try to do portraits.
I suppose I never thought I would be able to
capture a persons characteristics in a meaningful 
way. But here I dived into unknown territory 
and gave it a try as my first proper portrait.

I've also thought about what the differences between a
photographic portrait and hand crafted portraits like
painted or drawn ones. I suppose it all comes down to
the artist himself. Perhaps the photographer are simply
intrigued by the person's natural features and qualities. 
But sometimes the artist want to make use of the
artistery, and go beyond the limits of what's 
portrayed as something purely realistic. 

I chose this picture particularly because of the look
he expresses with his eyes is something quite
seductive, yet suspicious or dark. So with the
power of a pencil I wanted to make that
more visible. Reveal a part of his subconsciousness,
that couldn't be exposed in the same way 
through a photograph. 

And perhaps that might raise some
questions for the person portrayed himself?

tirsdag 27. januar 2015


where do you feel at home
where do you feel you belong?
maybe you're still on the road
with a sense of loss
perhaps thats where
your soul belongs

on the road 
constantly changing
new faces and discoveries 
around every corner

like a ghost
rushing through
no one who knows you
no attachments
no strings to pull
you back

just you and your 
on the road
all the way
until you're old

that's when you'll see
things are not what they seem
cause all the faces you've seen
still holds you

in their dreams

- poem written by me,

mandag 26. januar 2015


How can you be so close
yet so far away ?

Sometimes there are certain people you want to 
connect with, but you never seem to reach them.
It seems to be an endless game, cause whatever you do,
they will never acknowledge you, they will never really see you.
You're invisible dust, blowing against the wind.

But the eyes has a way of betraying
Cause you never really know,

do you?

- Picture is a still from a video 
I made a while ago.