onsdag 5. august 2015


T R A V E L  V I D E O

A short travel video I made from my two week long trip to Portugal.
The music is the portuguese music style fado performed by
Amália Rodrigues. The places displayed in the video are

cascais lisbon obidos sintra

I tried to capture a small piece of Portugal's
soul for those who haven't been there before, so they might get a
little glimpse of what the feeling of the culture and country is like.

tirsdag 4. august 2015


This was a tiny text I wrote a while ago. 
But the words has always somehow been in
the back of my head. I like the simplicity
of it, yet it can still be quite profound.

One of the birds couldn't fly.
The other birds helped him
but never wondered why

For me it's based on the thought of a lot
of young people, that despite having their
family/friends around, feels alienated in the bigger 
picture. The people who are supposed to be dear 
to them, doesn't really know them. The sad part is that 
they think they understand the individual, but the truth 
is they are not even curious what's on the mind of their
loved one. Especially parents fail to know their
children's true person.  The most fundamental aspects of 
a good relationship is lost and they don't even see it.
Such ignorance they can be so unaware of. 
And the youth is left with a sense of loneliness, 
even though their closest ones are right there.

All pictures taken by Isabel H.R