torsdag 21. august 2014


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C E R A M I C S   F R O M   K Y O T O

At a crafts market in Kyoto I discovered 
these animal creatures as they were presented
and placed on the roots of a tree which caught
my attention immediately. I love the japanese ability
to create the most amazing creatures and characters. 

I love going to these kinds of markets,
walking around and discovering new hand
crafted things that's one of a kind. Still it's
affordable and you support the work
of an aspiring artist.

All pictures taken by Isabel H.R

lørdag 16. august 2014



Illustrator Hsiao Ron Cheng from Taiwan makes these 
incredible and surrealistic illustrations digitally.
She wants to create complex worlds with complicated
stories of childlike and cruel creatures showing
the fragility of life.

As she says herself about her work:

"The core idea of my work is the merging of humanity
and nature." 

See more of her beautiful work at her official site:


Dear Japan.
Miss you.

fredag 15. august 2014



Sealed behind marble
made into stone
what's left of her soul
is yet uknown

In ancient times
where she left her heart
through voices of love
she sent a dove

Uheard unseen
taken by her fear
time disappeared
hidden in tears

But her secret past
beneath the dead
was never touched 
so she 
could rest at last

Isabel H.R

1st picture and 7th picture is Valentino photographed by
Max Von Gumppenberg & Patrick Bienert
for Vogue Italia in March 2014.

mandag 11. august 2014


U N H E A R D   V O I C E S

Here's a little retrospective of some of the drawings
I've made over the past two years during my
time at the Art College.

When I draw it's like this part of me that
intuitively expresses nature and especially animals.
I have always loved stories and tales, and the mystery
of the unknown. I've always felt like nature and animals
have something to tell, especially the ancient species 
that has evolved since the beginning of time. For me 
a lot of their hidden story and wisdom is already 
written on the rhino's skin, and in the eye of the birds.
And it's truly wonderful to give them a voice through
the touch of a pencil.

- Isabel



I look forward to share my world with you all.  
I will call this blog a portal to my dreams, artwork and inspirations
I am currently in my hometown in Norway enjoying my last month
here before I move to England for my studies.

Let the journey begin!
- Isabel